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Yorkie Info

The Yorkshire Terrier dog is a small breed. According to the AKC, it is classified as belonging to the toy dog category. It generally weighs between 5 and 7 lb. They are intelligent and independent dogs, who are territorial and fearless. Yorkies have been known to attack much larger dogs, ignoring their own smaller size. Originally bred in England in the 1800s, the Yorkie has today become one of the most popular breeds the world over. The Yorkshire Terrier dog is a great companion and is quite comfortable both in a small or large home. The Yorkie also makes a great watchdog and requires almost no exercise to stay in shape.

Miniature or Teacup Yorkshire Terriers are small Yorkshire Terriers, usually weighing three pounds or thereabouts. They are bred for the exclusive purpose of being lapdogs. Show breeders who breed yorkies for dog shows prefer larger dogs, often up to 7lb, while many other breeders breed and provide miniature Yorkshire Terriers to people who want them.

Many terms like a teacupbaby doll facetinyteddy bear face, etc., are often used by various breeders to indicate to the potential pet owner the size of the miniature Yorkshire Terriers that are on sale. There are a growing number of people who seem to want very small Yorkshire terriers. Owners and potential buyers must remember that due to their tiny size, they do not always have the energy reserve that a larger dog has. If the Teacup Yorkshire Terrier gets sick, it is more critical than the larger-sized dogs, and you should consider a Vet visit sooner than later. The smaller the Yorkshire Terrier, the more prone it is to hypoglycemic shock. Making sure that the Teacup Yorkie gets regular meals and takes adequate naps is essential. Provide extra food or a few finger tips of NutriCal to make sure your puppy is getting food down.