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(Newly Retired)

Type: Teddy Bear Yorkshire

Born/Age: 2012

Sex: Female

Registration: AKC

Weight: 4lbs

General Info: Alice is a loving companion and enjoys being the center of attention. She is sweet, gentle, and always wants to be held. Alice enjoys playing, short walks, snuggling on the couch, and car rides to visit friends. Her soft, dark, long hair brings a touch of elegance to her playful spirit. While Alice is not a teacup Yorkie, she is quite small and can travel almost anywhere with her owner. She is now retired. She is the line to our beautiful new girls Petunia and Dutchess.



Type: Yorkshire Terrier

Born: December 1, 2018

Sex: Female

Registration: American Kennel Club (AKC) and American Canine Association (ACA)

Weight: 3.6 pounds

Petunia is one of the favorites in the family. She is a splitting image of Grandma Alice. Will do anything for that extra nug and kiss. Petunia is extremely gentle and wants to be with her people as much as possible, however loves her fury friends too. She is definitely a teacup. However, don’t t think she gets pushed around; not this confident girl. Petunia is confident but makes sure you know she is a sweetie like
her mom. She too has the dark black and gold long hair that when you see her you instantly say “Wow, how she is elegance to the bone!” Petunia has blessed us with two litters now. Our current puppies are he second litter. She protects them with all her strength and we couldn’t ask for a better momma.


Type: Yorkshire Terrier 

Born: December 1, 2018

Sex: Female

Registration: American Kennel Club (AKC) and American Canine Association (ACA)

Weight: 4.3 pounds

Our little Dutchess Delia. She is a princess in every aspect. She is the sister of Petunia and they let everyone know they are there to protect each other. If you find Petunia, you will find Dutchess right by her side. They have that beautiful sisterly love. Dutchess is the leader; when Petunia agrees. If Petunia is not next to Dutchess she is often mistaken to be Petunia; get the drift they are twins. Dutchess is one of
those Yorkies that melts in your arms and will not move as long as you are willing to hold and cuddle. We call her a true cuddle bug and she is first pick when we need that special love and cuddles, we all love from our furry friends. As of yet, Dutchess has not had any puppies. We think she believes It is better to be an Aunt than a mom so far.



Type: Teddy Bear Face Yorkshire Terrier

Barn: June 28, 2021

Sex: Male

Registration: American Kennel Club (AKC)

Weight: 5 pounds

Gus-Gus was a small round ball of hair that we instantly fell in love with. He has grown up to be a very beautiful, well mannered young man. He is gentle and is so eager to please. When he hears his name, that tiny tail wags a mile a minute and his whole body rotates in circles to make sure you are paying attention because he loves to please. He has the most beautiful soft, thick, waves of black and gold locks of hair. He wants you to know that he would be proud to be a stud for your little girl.


Type: Biewer Yorkshire Terrier

Born/Age: July 29, 2018

Sex: Male

Registration: American Canine Association (ACA) and Continental Kennel Club (CKC)

Weight: 3.5 lbs

Oliver is a happy tail wagging gentleman. He has the beautiful Biewer Yorkie coloring of black and pure white. He struts around letting everyone know he is a cutie. Oliver throws multi-colored yorkie pups that are to die for. He is a true gentleman. Always let the girls in the family drink and get their snacks first. Oliver is one of those little guys that just wants to be loved with cuddles and kisses and returns them without any hesitation. Watching TV, no really, watching TV is his favorite pass time!!


Type: Teddy Bear


Sex: Male

Registration: AKC

Weight: 4lbs

General info:

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