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(Alice’s Mom – Retired)

Type: Teddy Bear Toy Yorkshire

Born/Age: August 25, 2008

Sex: Female

Registration: AKC

Weight: 5 lbs

General Info: Isabella is absolutely adorable.  Everyone always tells us they want a Yorkie just like her.  If only we could mold her and make a 100 of her, we would be rich with beautiful Yorkies and have a lot of very happy people.  Bella is very spoiled and she spoils us right back.  She is very dedicated to please and wants to be with everyone all the time.  She is one of those dogs that loves to lay right next to you and will follow you everywhere.  Very calm disposition and listens and accomplishes every command  eagerly.  She definitely aims to please.




Type: Teddy Bear Yorkshire

Born/Age: 2012

Sex: Female

Registration: AKC

Weight: 4lbs

General Info: Alice is a loving companion and enjoys being the center of attention. She is sweet, gentle, and always wants to be held. Alice enjoys playing, short walks, snuggling on the couch, and car rides to visit friends. Her soft, dark, long hair brings a touch of elegance to her playful spirit. While Alice is not a tea cup yorkie, she is quite small and can travel almost anywhere with her owner.


MEET Benny Bear


Type: Teddy Bear Yorkshire


Sex: Male

Registration: AKC – ACA

Weight: 4lbs

General Info: Benny Bear is not a member of our yorkie family, but he is our go to stud for Alice. His owner showers him with love and attention and always shares stories of his enthusiastic personality. We have been breeding Alice with Benny Bear for three years now and we are always blessed with beautiful puppies.


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