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Most litters for Yorkshire Terriers vary between 2-4 puppies unlike other breeds who have 7-12 puppies a litter. Also because Yorkshire Terriers are a such small breed it is not uncommon for mothers to have difficulties during labor, resulting in emergency C-Sections resulting in high veterinary costs. Unlike larger breeds and even some other Toy breeds, these new puppies are extremely tiny when they are born and often have a difficult time in the first few weeks of life. The success of these first weeks requires a lot of time and can be costly. In addition the training, time and effort to raise beautiful Yorkies is expensive and requires consistent attention. The end result a beautiful, robust, healthy puppy is well worth the effort

We often tell people:  Raising Yorkies is like running a daycare, however you never get to go home.  The cost of raising Yorkies is phenomenal when you raise and care for them properly. A good Yorkie breeder does not make thousands of dollars and is certainly not getting rich. However, a good Yorkie breeder does it because she/he loves it, loves the breed and she/he is a true animal lover.  I hope this helps you to understand the costs of a Yorkshire Terrier puppy.

Due to the cost, time and efforts put into raising these baby’s we rarely have Yorkie puppies for under $700. If you are looking for a puppy under this price range, please consider rescue or adoption.

I Promise once you own a Yorkie you will feel he/she was worth every penny.



NOTICE: If our newest litter is not over 8 weeks old and is not ready for homes, a $250 deposit is required to hold one for you. After you have chosen a puppy and have confirmed your interest deposits are non-refundable. Balance is owed before the puppy will be released to you. Upon purchase of your new puppy we will have a contract for you to sign along with a health guarantee and a welcome package for your new baby.

Most puppies take a minimum of 8 weeks from their date of birth before they can be weaned from their mother and safely leave our home to join yours. It may take a little longer for some of the smaller puppies. We will not release them until we are certain they are healthy and strong enough to make it without their mother. We can send you photos along with updates on your puppies progress so you can be part of its growing up process.

We prefer for all buyers to visit with their puppy prior to purchase. If needed we can arrange a date and time for you to come and visit with your new puppy and/or even visit our available puppies to see which is the best fit for you and your family. Make an appointment today.